Terms of Service & Design

All correspondence will be done via e-mail. This not only helps keep a hardcopy of what has been discussed available, but also to facilitate fast responses. It's very important that you respond to any of my emails once I'm working on your design, to keep the flow going. If you haven't heard from me, please check your spam folder in the event the e-mail went there.
I generally design and communicate with my clients Monday-Friday, but do have the occasional weekend free. If you haven't heard from me through the weekend, expect to see an e-mail pop in on Monday!

I take payment through Paypal only. When you get to the top of my "Next Up" waiting list, I will send a Paypal invoice to your email for your custom design. Once it is paid, you are then moved to the "In Progress" list and that's when the fun starts! When you submit your payment, you agree to these terms.

Any graphic used in your design has to either be;
a) Purchased by me (stock photos or digital scrap kits, etc.) so I can make sure the usage of the files are abiding by the terms of the digital designers.
b) A photograph that you own and have obtained the copyright for.

Simply Stella Design Studio is not liable for any copyright violations that may happen in the result of using the images or digital elements provided by clients. If you have given me an image to use in your order, I assume that you have gotten the permission from the rightful owner to use it.

All templates, coding & designs by Simply Stella Design Studio, are protected by copyright law. They are not to be resold, copied, altered, or shared in any way unless you have direct permission from me. (Of course you can still edit the text & placement of gadgets, add new widgets, or different pictures, etc. on your blog, but my custom design for you has to stay in its original form.)

Due to the nature of these designs, I will need access to your Blogspot or WordPress account (or any other hosting site) in order to upload your graphics.
To install your template to your Blogger blog all you need to do is make me an author of your blog. (settings > permissions> add author) Once I have accepted, I will then e-mail you back & you will need to then go back to that same spot and add me as an administrator.
To install your template to your WordPress account, it works best if you add me as a user to your site with administrative access; that way I have my own login and password without needing yours.

I will not share your information with any outside parties, or make changes that do not directly correlate with the design I am creating for you. Any information that is passed between the client and myself stays entirely between us.

Credit will be given to Simply Stella Design Studio and any other required designer in the form of a clickable button on your sidebar that links back to my website and a link in the footer of every blog. These links are not to be removed unless the template & design are changed entirely. 
If you are insistent that no credit be given to me, the designer, on your site, then there will be a $250 No Credit Given Fee applied to your order. 

It is your responsibility to save any part of your original header, footer, widgets & template before installation of my designs begins. Simply Stella Design Studio is not to be held responsible for the loss of any of your data if you did not back it up. If you are unsure on how to go about backing up your template, just go to your dashboard, then template, & in the right-hand corner you will see backup/restore. Just click that and follow the instructions! If you have any questions, please contact me

I am also not responsible for any errors you make in regards to editing your template once my design is installed.

Any graphics associated with your specific design will be archived from my system within 30 days after installation. Small revisions in that time frame are no problem for me to take care of for you. If revisions are needed after that or turn into a major revision, I reserve the right to charge a fee in doing so. Most times I don't mind making a little change here and there for you so don't hesitate to ask!

If a graphic I have created for you has the option for an interchangeable image, I can send you the flattened file with the original image removed so that you can make picture updates in the future. I do not charge anything additional for doing this, however, the same copyright standards apply & it is not to be shared, have any additional edits done to it, or used anywhere else other than the blog it was intended for. It is then your responsibility to keep that file for use past the 30 days that I hold it in my system.

If you lose your files or need them again, I do charge a $25 fee to bring them back from the archive.

Simply Stella Design Studio reserves the right to add a screen shot of your design in my portfolio. This is so other potential clients can see examples of my work! Sometimes I provide a link back to your blog as well.

The completion date I give you is an estimate. Depending on the complexity of each project as it comes in, that affects the amount I take on at any given time. Therefore things are always changing. Failure to respond to emails or give me all the information I need can result in delays also.

I will try my best to get you your design work done when promised because, let's face it... I want you to have your beautiful design so you can be represented the way you want!


Simply Stella Design Studio has the right to refuse service to any client that does not comply with my Terms of Service & Design or does not meet my values and standards. I will not design offensive or vulgar material or deal with nude images. I also reserve the right to determine what I consider to be offensive or vulgar.

Have any questions? Send me a message now!